Background FX live session

Categories Actionscript, game art, Starling

Using my Open Source Particle Designer tool, Angulex to design the background effects in the MathSumRun Trophy Room.

After exploring a bit with the different designs, I settle for a simple colored background particles with some nice starlight textures. This is typical with my design process, I usually start and explore different and more complicated designs, then subtract elements that I find they have too much of a distraction characteristic. It’s a fine line from just enough decorum to over doing it.

The tool lets me explore different options with ease, but it does have some quirks and UI bugs (layering order mishaps). I (obviously) know how to bypass them and until I am releasing MathSumRun, I don’t think I will have the time to fix the bugs.

Also the different textures and backgrounds needed have to be hard-coded, which is probably the first thing I will need to change in the future (after bug-fixing).

For now, it does it’s job perfectly and I can focus on the development of my game 🙂

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