Drawing an Owl for my new upcoming small children’s game

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This will be my first game in collaboration with my dear wife. She came up with the idea, and I am trilled to finally draw her in game development, little by little. I won’t reveal too much about it for now, it will be available first in Romanian and then translated to English. The game will be for really small children, our son inspired my wife and most likely will be the beta tester :).

I will have to draw a lot for this game. To get my drawing in a better shape I have subscribed to https://www.schoolism.com. I am taking the Environment Design with Nathan Fowkes and Gesture Drawing with Alex Woo, and last week I went trough Drawing Fundamentals with Thomas Fluharty. I will be staying on Schoolism for sometime, since I have probably discovered the quickest way to improve my art skills. They are awesome!

Here is me, drawing the owl from above.

I hope you liked it 🙂



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Background FX live session

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Using my Open Source Particle Designer tool, Angulex to design the background effects in the MathSumRun Trophy Room.

After exploring a bit with the different designs, I settle for a simple colored background particles with some nice starlight textures. This is typical with my design process, I usually start and explore different and more complicated designs, then subtract elements that I find they have too much of a distraction characteristic. It’s a fine line from just enough decorum to over doing it.

The tool lets me explore different options with ease, but it does have some quirks and UI bugs (layering order mishaps). I (obviously) know how to bypass them and until I am releasing MathSumRun, I don’t think I will have the time to fix the bugs.

Also the different textures and backgrounds needed have to be hard-coded, which is probably the first thing I will need to change in the future (after bug-fixing).

For now, it does it’s job perfectly and I can focus on the development of my game 🙂

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Sharing Achievement Badges for MathSumRun

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The final set of badges in MathSumRun, this ones rewards you for sharing your achievements on Twitter or Facebook.

Math Fan, for your first share.

mathsumrun fan

Math Preacher, for your first 10 shares on Twitter or Facebook.

mathsumrun preacher

Math Evangelist, for the ultimate player, 30 shares will get you this badge.

mathsumrun evangelist

With this set, I have completed all the achievements badges for the game. Time to setup the remaining screens and implement (code) them in the game. Just in time since Friday is here, so time to relax and enjoy the weekend!

To get the latest updates on the game, subscribe to the MathSumRun Facebook page.

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Time Achievement Badges for MathSumRun

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Today I am following the previous set, with the new Time Badges you will be able to earn in MathSumRun.

Math Pioneer, you will earn this one after 30 min spent in the game.

mathsumrun pioneer

Math Enthusiast, to get this one you will have to spend 1 hour in the game.

mathsumrun Enthusiast

Math Devotee, to collect this one you will need to accumulate 2 hours in the game.

mathsumrun devotee

To get the latest updates on the game, subscribe to the MathSumRun Facebook page.

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Achievement Badges for MathSumRun

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MathSumRun is almost complete and now I am in the process of designing different achievement badges, here are the first ones.

Addition Scholar Badge. You will earn this one after answering correctly 30 addition problems in a perfect sequence.

addition scholar badge

Addition Master, you will have to solve, 100 addition problems to earn this one. You will need some concentration to achieve this awesome feat.


The hardest one, Addition Tycoon. You will have to answer without any mistake all 945 problems in the game, making a perfect game.


A few others will follow shortly.

To get the latest updates on the game, subscribe to the MathSumRun Facebook page.


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Study for Game Backgrounds

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During my research for the level designs in my upcoming game MathSumRun, I have stumbled upon some interesting references you can use for drawing your backgrounds.

Most of the nicest stuff out there, rests neatly organized on Pinterest, which is a heaven for digital hoarders collectors of fine imagery. The stuff you find on Pinterest is usually a few magnitudes better than the stuff you find on a Google search, or in other popular places were you might search for inspiration, like DeviantArt or Behance.

Diving in 🙂

The Art Of Aquascaping. One of my favorites references, aquascaping designs seemed to be a perfect fit for side scrolling games. You can easily use them if your game has a jungle theme, but you can also modify them to look like they are out of this world,  by changing the color and texture, this is  exactly what I did with one of my levels as you can see here:

mathsumrun level

Backgrounds from films, with the animation ones being the best sources. One1more2time3’s Weblog has some really nice backgrounds like this one:

Trees! Just looking at trees, you will often find really interesting shapes and landscapes. I loved this tree so much, I made a level based on it.

tree level ref

I have found only one Facebook group for Background paintings, which is a bit weird since backgrounds are so important. Oh well, at least it’s a very good group and there are nice posts, like this awesome Art Director of Environments from Zootopia.

Back to my new favorite web place to hang around (and collect stuff), I have found the Character Design References, which has a few background collections like this: Environment Design | Abyss, so ctr+f in your browser, write “Environment Design” and check them all out.

While looking at the history of background design, I found the amassing work of Tyrus Wong. His early paintings were used as the style for the backgrounds in Bambi (1942) . Fun fact, he makes kites since the year he got retired in 1968, he is 105 🙂

I am sure I will ad some more links in here, until then, do share your favorite sources of inspiration  for your background drawings in the comments.

Happy drawing 🙂


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