Fixing people on a global scale

So it seem Elon is looking to fix Social Media:

One can only guess how much of this fixing is an algorithm fix and how much is just the human nature of mental errors. I am cautiously optimistic about the world in general, so I believe we might be able to guide/nudge people into healthier behaviours if one platform won’t optimise for engagement/selling ads. One of the big selling points of Apple (for me) is the fact that their products and software can help you reach higher goals, trough physical and mental health, the nudge is in a better direction.

I do feel that a new Social Network is needed and I believe that people should be allowed to say whatever they want. We should fix the cause of the problems when it comes to misinformation, which is better educate the people on this planet and not restrict input. Giving some people all the power to establish the truth, without any way to contest it, is very anti-science and after a lot of iteration, this “game” will output a lot errors. Some of this errors will enable incompetent and really bad people to get to power. This people will inflict a lot of suffering onto the living things on this planet, as we could observe had actually happened over and over again. The solution can only be a good global continued (adults too) education.