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I am releasing a new game (in-house build), Gems Swapping Knight

gems swapping knight

It’s a classic match 3 gems puzzle game. In this version the engine only recognizes 3 gems in a row (not 4 or 5), in the future I do plan to change this and also add more fun stuff into the game like bombs. Initially it was planned as a demo for a potential client, but I soon realized that I would rather build the game for myself, and release it here.

The game is build using actionscript 3, it took me around 4 days to build a working version and several days to build the graphics and put it all together, all this while working on other projects. I am planning to release the source code in the future.

Here are the game instructions:

The goal of the game is to gain higher scores by matching three gems of the same color, vertical or horizontal. You can only move a gem up, down, left or right. When a chain of three gems is formed, they disappear, the gems on top fall down and the empty space is filled with random new gems.

Every 10 matches earns you a special coin. You use this coins to get a new mix of gems in the case you see that no more moves are possible.

To move the gems, you click on the gem you wish to swap, click again on the gem you wish to be swapped with or hold down your mouse, move your pointer over the gem to be swapped with, and release your button.

The game is over when you have zero coins and no more moves are possible.

Give Gems Swapping Knight a try !

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