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Multiuser flash Whiteboard

See it in action

Business card customizer

custom business card app

Eye exercise animation generator

Using shapes or images to animate at various speed and sizes, the app stimulates left-right brain synchronization for therapeutic effects. The app back-end uses php and MySQL to store custom animations by the admin. Play Eyeamready app.

animation app

Drawing app prototype

The app uses custom brushes to draw on the screen. It’s a proof of concept, so some things like an undo option are not available. Play with it here.

draw app

Energy Saving Calculator

Development, actionscript 3 coding, the clients came with his own design. View it at: Towel Rail Energy Saver.
energy savings calculator

Quiz engine

Custom solution for a quiz engine, admin and front end client. Build using php, MySQL, XML and of course Actionscript 3.

Quiz Engine

Tarot app

Simple tarot application, that “predicts” your love life (in Spanish). The app uses xml to store the cards images and “meaning”, and makes use of the Flash player 10 3D native capabilities to animate the cards. Play with it here

Tarot app

Photo Destroy – flash toy

How it works. Choose a picture from your computer, and using various “tools” that you can choose by pressing the “weapons” button at the top, you can “destroy” the picture. After you are happy with the amount of destruction inflicted, you can save your “damaged” picture to your computer.

Notes ! You don’t actually destroy the original picture from your computer. The picture is not uploaded to the internet (it is loaded directly into the application), you have complete privacy.

View it at: Photo Destroy

Photo Destroy

Crop and resize image – flash utility

How it works. Choose a picture from your computer, drag the picture and the crop rectangle, scale, rotate and crop your image. After you are finished with your operation, click the “save” button to save it to your computer.

View it at: Crop and resize image

Crop and resize image

Flash toys for social networking sites

Also called “message generators”, where produced for PoqBum.com, you can still find them there

  • flash toy
  • flash toy
  • flash toy
  • flash toy
  • flash toy
  • flash toy
  • flash toy
  • flash toy
  • flash toy
  • flash toy

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