Poser, the super useful tool for making animation/illustration for 2d games

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Everybody has a completely different way of learning things, when I started developing games and making animation (14 years ago), I jumped right into 3D, without any formal art training. While I was able to “cheat” my way around and use 3D tools to make the artwork required for the games I was working on, the lack of formal training was obvious and to some extent still is in my work today. Now that I am all “grown -up” I see the value in learning how to draw/sketch/light a scene, use color, shapes etc. to convey a message, instill a mood etc. This why I am committed to continuing to take the awesome art classes from Schoolism.com. I am barely scratching the surface, I am just beginning to see it now.

I have started a new browser educational game with @MrNussbaum and I needed a few different references for drawing the title page character. I could go over to Pinterest and search for some Character Design Reference, but that might take some significant amount of time, and there is a very small chance that I will be able to find exactly the pose I want. You can, if you managed to learn the necessary skill, to draw it from imagination, but I am not there yet.

Here comes Poser to the rescue.

After looking for a few things that might help, I remember the time I used to play with Poser, and how marvelous it was, almost magical. I quickly went to Smithmicro’s page, just to see how it had evolved since the last time I have opened it, which I think was version 5 or 6. Needless to say, I was not disappointed, the current version is 11, and it looked like the program evolved nicely over the years. With another happy accident, it was on sale, so I got it really cheap.

This week I am working on a few character running cycles and Poser walk designer will save me a lot of time. Despite the many years that have passed since my last encounter, I found it easy to get right back into it and do my job, the YouTube videos also helped :). I feel like those years of fulling around with 3D Tools were not a waste of time after all.

Here is the pose with the drawing side by side.

Thank you, Poser 🙂

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