Quick update

Kaleidoscope – by Cosmin Dolha

For the last 1,5 years I have dived deep into the land of Photography and found out that I really like it.

Another deep dive (currently in progress) is into Behavioral Science, Neuropsychology, Behavioral Economics and Marketing, topics that I always had a fascination with.

I have left the coding part, to the side for the most part, for a couple of reasons. The first one is that I wanted to gain some understanding of how I can make use of the new Machine Learning tech in my own projects, and second I wanted to make a big switch to Apple’s Swift programming language and its ecosystem. So I have left some space for me to be able to forget a bit about the way I worked for the last 15 years, unlearning things takes time, reconfiguring yourself is not a small task.

The reason I felt compelled to write this update is because today I had a couple of encouraging results with ML and Swift, and of course it’s all related to Photography. A big help in generating the project idea came from the Behavioral Science and Marketing books I am currently studying.

There is a long road ahead (I suspect 3-6 months) until I have proof it works well enough to open it to the public, in the meantime, I will have some more fun with Photography and continue my deep dive with Neuropsychology, all while experimenting with ML and Swift.

P. S. I have my eyes on an EEG sensor 😉