Born in 1982, Arad, Romania.

Email: contact@cosmindolha.com

I have found that the best title that fits (for heuristics sake) would be Technical Artist, although I switch hats faster than you can say Data Science, Color Theory and Behavioral Economics in the same sentence.

Past, present, continuous training and work experience.

Software Engineering and UIX

15 years of design and development (for clients is US) of web apps, RIAS, real time apps, apps for mobile devices, educational games, iOS, Android cross platform using AS3, Haxe. A tiny bit of experience with Unity, ECS and C#. Currently switched to Swft, highly delighted by ML, can’t wait to put it to good use.

CGI – 3D, CG Cookie, Zbrushcentral, Introduction to ZBrush with Justin Goby Fields

Digital Painting, from Schoolism.com

  • Gesture Drawing, with Alex Woo
  • Painting Creatures with Bobby Chiu
  • Painting with Light and Color with Tonko House and Cody Gramstad
  • Designing with Color and Light with Nathan Fowkes
  • Environment Design with Nathan Fowkes
  • Pictorial Composition with Nathan Fowkes
  • Lighting for Story and Concept Art with Sam Nielson
  • Fundamentals of Lighting with Sam Nielson
  • Creature Anatomy with Terryl Whitlatch
  • Fundamentals of Character Design with Stephen Silver
  • Introduction to Visual Development with Victoria Ying


My favorite Photographers are Coppy Barbieri and Richard Foster, I strongly recommend their books, that you can purchase here and here. If you want to see what else I like, you can follow my Photography Pinterest Board.

  • Sony A6000 Fast Start John Greengo – 🙂 started here (August 2018), the rest of the courses are not in the order I took them
  • Masters of Photography Albert Watson
  • Masters of Photography Joel Meyerowitz
  • Composition-Beyond the Rule of Thirds Chris Knight
  • Family Group Posing Vicki Taufer
  • Fundamentals of Photography John Greengo
  • Building Your Family Portrait Business Tamara Lackey
  • Posing 101 Lindsay Adler
  • Perfect Exposures from Histogram through Lightroom Jared Platt
  • Children’s Posing Guide Tamara Lackey
  • Portrait Photography Bootcamp Lindsay Adler
  • Natural Light Control Tony Corbell
  • Build your Lighting Knowledge Peter Hurley
  • Natural Light Photography Sue Bryce
  • Location, Posing, Execution Roberto Valenzuela
  • Exploring Low-Key Portraiture Chris Knight
  • Portrait Photography: Creating and Styling your Environment John Keatley
  • What I Wish I’d Known 10 Years Ago Roberto Valenzuela
  • Speedlights 101 Mark Wallace
  • Environmental Portrait Photography Dan Brouillette
  • Cinematic Lighting for Portraiture Chris Knight
  • Picture Perfect Lighting Roberto Valenzuela
  • One-Light Portrait Photography Dan Brouillette
  • Powerful Portraits using Body Language and Lighting Stacy Pearsall
  • How to Start a Photography Business Pye Jirsa
  • Street Photography: The Art of Photographing Strangers Ashley Gilbertson
  • Anatomy of a Photoshoot Mark Wallace
  • Adobe Photoshop CC: The Complete Guide Ben Willmore
  • Seeing and Shaping Light Lindsay Adler
  • Commercial Portraiture Joey L
  • Local Dodging and Burning for Beauty Retouching Chris Knight
  • Beauty Retouching Chris Knight
  • How to Work Faster in Adobe Photoshop CC Chris Knight
  • The Starter Portrait Studio: One Light, One Reflector Chris Knight
  • Transform Your Images with Color Grading Lindsay Adler
  • Portrait Photography Fundamentals Scott Robert Lim
  • Find Your Niche and Build Your Family Photography Business Julia Kelleher
  • Creative Compositing Aaron Nace
  • How to Be a Commercial Photographer Rob Grimm, Gary Martin, Aaron Nace
  • Adobe Photoshop Compositing: Essential Techniques Aaron Nace
  • Studio Lighting 101 Lindsay Adler
  • Color Theory for Photographers Blake Rudis
  • Color for Designers: Exploration, Theory, & Application Richard Mehl
  • Business Headshots and Portraits Dan Brouillette
  • Black & White Photography Post-Processing in Lightroom CC Serge Ramelli
  • Capture and Edit Classic Black & White Portraits Jared Platt
  • Lighting Essentials Workshop Don Giannatti
  • Tabletop Product Photography Don Giannatti
  • Business of Commercial Food Photography Andrew Scrivani
  • The Business of Photography Nigel Barker
  • Fine Art Women’s Portraits Jennifer Thoreson
  • The Art of Maternity Photography Ana Brandt
  • Vision-Driven Photography David duChemin
  • Think Like a Photo Editor Jared Platt
  • Controlling Your Color Jared Platt
  • Lightroom and Photoshop for Architectural Photography Randy Van Duinen
  • Sef McCullough teaches commercial color grading Photography Pricing For Profits
  • Marketing Your Photography Business Dramatic Portraiture, Chris Knight
  • Natural Light Photography, Dani Diamond
  • Advanced Texture Cleanup, Earth Oliver
  • Beverage Photography, Rob Grimm
  • Product Photography, Tony Roslund

I believe that you should know what books the other person that you are working with is reading, so here are the ones registered automatically by Goodreads. If you have a recommendation, I would love to here it 🙂 my Kindle app is full of sample books.

If you have a project in mind and you think we might be a good fit, reach me at contact@cosmindolha.com