Was born in 1982, in the city of Arad, Romania. I am married to my best friend and together we have 2 wonderful boys.

I have over 18 years of design and development (for clients in US) of web apps, RIAS, real time apps (FMS, RTMFP), apps for mobile devices, educational games (25 or so), iOS, Android cross platform using AS3 and later on Haxe. A tiny bit (1 year) of experience with Unity for VR, ECS and C# for Oculus GO target.

Currently I use exclusively Swift (Apple) and play around with Machine Learning.

My other interests are Art, Music, Photography, 3D (Zbrush, Blender), Behavioural Science, Neuropsychology with an interest on how we process visual information.

My favourite podcasters are Lex Fridman and Andrew Huberman.

You can tell a lot on who a person is by what he is reading, so here are some of the books on my list: https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/78047933?shelf=%23ALL%23

Also what one considers the top 10 songs, here are mine: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5aMgX67sX9XltpvlYoih7BRAZwMrckSB

Email: contact@cosmindolha.com