Quick update

Kaleidoscope – by Cosmin Dolha

For the last 1,5 years I have dived deep into the land of Photography and found out that I really like it.

Another deep dive (currently in progress) is into Behavioral Science, Neuropsychology, Behavioral Economics and Marketing, topics that I always had a fascination with.

I have left the coding part, to the side for the most part, for a couple of reasons. The first one is that I wanted to gain some understanding of how I can make use of the new Machine Learning tech in my own projects, and second I wanted to make a big switch to Apple’s Swift programming language and its ecosystem. So I have left some space for me to be able to forget a bit about the way I worked for the last 15 years, unlearning things takes time, reconfiguring yourself is not a small task.

The reason I felt compelled to write this update is because today I had a couple of encouraging results with ML and Swift, and of course it’s all related to Photography. A big help in generating the project idea came from the Behavioral Science and Marketing books I am currently studying.

There is a long road ahead (I suspect 3-6 months) until I have proof it works well enough to open it to the public, in the meantime, I will have some more fun with Photography and continue my deep dive with Neuropsychology, all while experimenting with ML and Swift.

P. S. I have my eyes on an EEG sensor 😉

Inspiratie de weekend #1

Fotografie Cosmin Dolha – camp de culoare

Fotografiile realizate de Hiroshi Sugimoto seamana pana la un punct cu pictura lui Mark Rothko, unul in artistii mei preferati.

Daca ajungeti in Elvetia, treceti pe la Fondation Beyeler in Basel sa vedeti in realitate campul de culoare a lui Rothko.

Viziunea lui Hiroshi Sugimoto despre arta.

Sfatul lui Hiroshi Sugimoto pentru artistii tineri.

As adauga doar ca orice meserie practici, trebuie sa incerci sa te incadrezi (prin studiu si efort) in percentila 95, din motive practice in primul rand (acolo ai si castigul material) dar si din motive ce tin de sanatatea ta mintala.